Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Most Important Tips for Towing Your Vehicles by Towingrankings

You could have problem with the engine or have a battery dead that needs to be replace on the spot. Despite of the case, you will certainly need the assistance of a professional towing company to help out. You should also take into concern the different risks related with towing. Below is a list of the top ten towing risks.

1. Emergency tools – Every single towing provider should have a total emergency kit with all the needed tools stored and ready to go. The basics should include a flashlight, red fluorescent triangle lamp, tool set and spare tires in the trunk. 

2. Tires – Blown out tires are main problems that must be address immediately. Repair any flat tires before hoist them onto the flatbed truck. Tires must be changed to stop the load from flipping over due to instability. Check the stress gauge on the tires as well for added safety measures.

3. Reckless Towing – Under no conditions should the towing crew stand on the sides of the truck. One hasty turn could spell disaster for all, especially the crew members standing external holding on to the vehicle. Forever ride inside the truck with the doors locked.

4. Visibility Issues – Visibility becomes summary during bad weather and when it gets dark. Make sure you keep your headlights on at every time and make sure you pay extra close thought to road signs. 

5. Proper Equipment – Check your owner’s manual to ensure that you have the proper equipment and that your vehicle can safely handle the weight capacity of the load. 

6. Don’t go Speed - This is fairly obvious. Keep enough braking distance between the next vehicles at all times.

7. Not a Towing Vehicle – not at all attempt to connect a larger vehicle to a modern SUV. Trailer hitches are not fitting for all vehicles. Your vehicle must meet requirements before hooking up any trailers.

8. Pointed Turns – You should drive slower than usual during steep down slopes or sharp turns. Not only can you cause serious damage to the axle and chassis of the truck, you also lose control and fall over entirely, so be careful.

Friday, 17 October 2014

What Expect Commercial and Roadside Assistance

What Expect Commercial and Roadside Assistance for rental cars and fleet vehicles are especially unique? Most rental cars were built in the last five years and typically have less than 28,000 miles. These vehicles don't typically need towing services more upon services. For example 24 Hour Towing, Heavy Duty Towing and Local Long Distance Towing are the most common services.

Roadside assistance for vehicles is normally more expensive due to the industrial use that these vehicles see. They are ambitious harder, full down with more weight and can have flat tires once per week from nails on jobsites. Get ready to spend almost twice as much for construction vehicles compare to regular automobiles.

Roadside assistance for own nuances. While they are not motivated or used to the extremes that construction vehicles are, they have generally been modified for delivery or the main service for instance carpet cleaning and flower delivery. These modifications make breakdowns far more likely and so the costs of roadside assistance increase.

The roadside assistance for commercial vehicles is typically more. You can in fact save money when you cover more vehicles. Volume discount are the only way to make commercial roadside assistance reasonable. Discounts start adding up when 15 or more vehicles can be covered at once.

Purchase after getting multiple quotes. Each supplier will need to see a list of your vehicles and will offer a price per vehicle for the entire fleet. A comparison then needs to be made to make sure that you are getting relevant services. Many companies are able to sell multiple services that a consumer would never use but the consumer buys it because of the number of services offered for the price. 

All Services most useful are towing, flat repair, lockout services for when a person has run out. In the case of towing there is not a great deal to know. In general a service that will take the vehicle to the near repair facility up to 50 miles is enough. Flat repair will consist of changing the spare if there is a difficulty and the driver is not able to do it.

Directions and connections are just that. Call the service number and an operator will walk you through steps to get back on track if you are lost or an address to a location if you cannot find it.

Monday, 6 October 2014

The World’s Biggest Tow Truck Parade Ready Now

Time to start collecting toys and get ready for this year’s Tow Trucks for Tots parade. Every second Sunday in November months, towing companies all through the Midwest converge to Rockdale, Ill and stage their trucks for the world’s biggest tow truck parade. 

This year’s show off is scheduled for November 9th, 2014, 5:00 a.m.

The Hollywood Casino, 7
77 Hollywood Blvd. Joliet Ill. 60436.

Tow Trucks for Tots has 3 primary goals:

To bring a much-needed toy to a deserving boy or girl.

To enhance the image of the towing industry.

To break the Guinness Book of World Records entry for the largest tow truck parade.

The months during before the parade, all towing companies’ owner and towers are encouraged to collect toys for children ages newborn-18 years old.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Tow 4 Less Inc Company USA one of the Best All Cities Towing Company

Towing rankings is a premier catalog of towing services in the United States of America.We have been providing towing services to the entire valley since 1987.We take arrogance in our work and provide low cost quick service. We offer a big fleet of flatbed tow trucks, and our services include:

We have tow trucks placed throughout the valley. Our dispatch office is located in north Phoenix. We can also tow vehicles out of town, and any distance.

• Tucson• Flagstaff
• Payson• Prescott
• Phoenix• Glendale
• Peoria• Scottsdale
• Mesa • Tempe
• Apache Junction• Chandler
• Gilbert• Avondale
• Goodyear• Sun City
• Buckeye• El-Mirage
Tow 4 less provides many services past just the simple tow. Fast prompt service comes first with us. If your tire is flat, one of our drivers will come out to change it for you. We will do what is called a lockout. A jump start might be just what your vehicle needs!

Here is a list of common services we provide:
• Towing • Jump Start
• Tire Change • Lockout
• RV Trailer • Gooseneck Trailer
• 5th Wheel Trailer

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Towing rankings most visiting company is an Ayers Towing Service

Towing rankings at top reviews companies are Ayers Towing Service has been a family-owned business since 1964. During hard work and dedication, we have been able to repeatedly update our fleet and train our workers in an effort to provide the best possible services in Pennsylvania USA.

Our goal is to provide you with polite and reliable towing services at a price you can afford. You can count up on us to be there when you need us. We are available 24 hours services 7 days a week. Local and long distance towing to emergency roadside services, you can count on us to have you covered. 

Our Main Services: 

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED when you choose us!

• Local and Long Distance
• Landoll Trailer Towing
• Towing and Recovery
• Emergency Roadside Assistance
• Rollback Services
• Wheel Lift Services
• Heavy Duty, Under-reach Towing Services 

Towing and Recovery 

From towing and recovery to lockout and roadside services, you can trust in us to give you with prompt services for a reasonable rate. Whether you are local or long distance, we have got you covered. 

24-Hour Heavy & Light Duty Towing & Recovery 

Whether you are in need of towing services for a light or heavy duty vehicle, rollback services, emergency roadside service, you can trust in our team of professional to provide the complete solutions you are in need of speedily.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kentucky area Excellence towing company for Fenders Wrecker Service

USA Top Towing companies towing rankings Supported are Fenders Wrecker Service, we know vehicles inside and outside services here

The towing business since 1923, serving USA Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We are setting an example of how a towing service should be operated, providing all customer a excellence service at a reasonable price.

We are proud to offer a consistently reliable choice for round-the-clock emergency service, 24/7 at reasonable prices $10.00 Off Any Towing Services.


We offer towing and winch services in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Areas. Whenever the rains came, whenever the snow melted, whenever soil eroded over roads, cars and trucks would get stuck, and it would take eternally for somebody to come by and help. Fenders Wrecker Service offer auto towing services that are designed to get used to the toughest outdoor situations, and Fenders Wrecker Service is ready to respond at a moment notice.

Tire Change / Car Lockouts

Tire Change / Car Lockouts Fenders Wrecker Service, a leading-edge auto emergency company working to help you with auto emergency, like tire changes and car lockouts, in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

We also specialize in another general problem: being locked out of your car. Our job may sound simple adequate, but all car make and model is diverse, and as such require a different tactic to get your door open for you.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Towingrankings in Murray’s towing and Road Side Assistance

Towing rankings in Murray's Towing now has a fleet of ten state-of-the-art towing and Recovery service vehicles, manned by a staff of ten dedicated workers. All of our vehicles are carefully serviced and maintained for safety and consistency, and our repair shop is run with ASE Certified technicians to on time handle your repair needs.
Some services we offer include:

Murray's towing in Light Towing

We offer 24-hour towing and recovery for passenger cars and light trucks. We use wheel lift wreckers and air-ride carriers to make sure your vehicle is transported in the safest and most convenient manner possible.

Murray's towing in Heavy Towing

Our fifty-ton wrecker is prepared to tow and recover heavy trucks of any size. We use a mixture of cutting-edge attachments to ensure your machinery is totally safe and secure.

Murray's towing in 24 hour roadside

We supply transportation for all types of equipment 24-hours a day and ensure your property arrives on time at the right location. This service in general involves a flatbed truck that is used to haul a variety of heavy gear and machinery.

Murray's towing in Repair Service

Our shop is equipped to grip all types of repairs, from passenger cars to heavy trucks and trailers. We are able to pick your vehicle up and transport it to our shop to be serviced, and our ASE Certified technicians will quickly handle all your repair needs. 

Service truck is ready with most parts needed for a roadside repair to get you up and running. We provide mobile welding, custom hydraulic hoses, and jump-starts with a start-all. We are HAZWOPER certified to clean up oil spill and restore the scene of an accident to avoid any green impact plus save you time and money.