Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Towing rankings most visiting company is an Ayers Towing Service

Towing rankings at top reviews companies are Ayers Towing Service has been a family-owned business since 1964. During hard work and dedication, we have been able to repeatedly update our fleet and train our workers in an effort to provide the best possible services in Pennsylvania USA.

Our goal is to provide you with polite and reliable towing services at a price you can afford. You can count up on us to be there when you need us. We are available 24 hours services 7 days a week. Local and long distance towing to emergency roadside services, you can count on us to have you covered. 

Our Main Services: 

Your satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED when you choose us!

• Local and Long Distance
• Landoll Trailer Towing
• Towing and Recovery
• Emergency Roadside Assistance
• Rollback Services
• Wheel Lift Services
• Heavy Duty, Under-reach Towing Services 

Towing and Recovery 

From towing and recovery to lockout and roadside services, you can trust in us to give you with prompt services for a reasonable rate. Whether you are local or long distance, we have got you covered. 

24-Hour Heavy & Light Duty Towing & Recovery 

Whether you are in need of towing services for a light or heavy duty vehicle, rollback services, emergency roadside service, you can trust in our team of professional to provide the complete solutions you are in need of speedily.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Kentucky area Excellence towing company for Fenders Wrecker Service

USA Top Towing companies towing rankings Supported are Fenders Wrecker Service, we know vehicles inside and outside services here

The towing business since 1923, serving USA Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We are setting an example of how a towing service should be operated, providing all customer a excellence service at a reasonable price.

We are proud to offer a consistently reliable choice for round-the-clock emergency service, 24/7 at reasonable prices $10.00 Off Any Towing Services.


We offer towing and winch services in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Areas. Whenever the rains came, whenever the snow melted, whenever soil eroded over roads, cars and trucks would get stuck, and it would take eternally for somebody to come by and help. Fenders Wrecker Service offer auto towing services that are designed to get used to the toughest outdoor situations, and Fenders Wrecker Service is ready to respond at a moment notice.

Tire Change / Car Lockouts

Tire Change / Car Lockouts Fenders Wrecker Service, a leading-edge auto emergency company working to help you with auto emergency, like tire changes and car lockouts, in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

We also specialize in another general problem: being locked out of your car. Our job may sound simple adequate, but all car make and model is diverse, and as such require a different tactic to get your door open for you.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Towingrankings in Murray’s towing and Road Side Assistance

Towing rankings in Murray's Towing now has a fleet of ten state-of-the-art towing and Recovery service vehicles, manned by a staff of ten dedicated workers. All of our vehicles are carefully serviced and maintained for safety and consistency, and our repair shop is run with ASE Certified technicians to on time handle your repair needs.
Some services we offer include:

Murray's towing in Light Towing

We offer 24-hour towing and recovery for passenger cars and light trucks. We use wheel lift wreckers and air-ride carriers to make sure your vehicle is transported in the safest and most convenient manner possible.

Murray's towing in Heavy Towing

Our fifty-ton wrecker is prepared to tow and recover heavy trucks of any size. We use a mixture of cutting-edge attachments to ensure your machinery is totally safe and secure.

Murray's towing in 24 hour roadside

We supply transportation for all types of equipment 24-hours a day and ensure your property arrives on time at the right location. This service in general involves a flatbed truck that is used to haul a variety of heavy gear and machinery.

Murray's towing in Repair Service

Our shop is equipped to grip all types of repairs, from passenger cars to heavy trucks and trailers. We are able to pick your vehicle up and transport it to our shop to be serviced, and our ASE Certified technicians will quickly handle all your repair needs. 

Service truck is ready with most parts needed for a roadside repair to get you up and running. We provide mobile welding, custom hydraulic hoses, and jump-starts with a start-all. We are HAZWOPER certified to clean up oil spill and restore the scene of an accident to avoid any green impact plus save you time and money.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Towing and recovery charge and fees changes

There will be changes in towing and recovery fees and charges which will come into effect from next Saturday.

It was confirmed in November last year by the Commerce Commission that the towing and recovery fees and charges will be reduced to $41.14 for vehicles whose gross weight don’t exceed 3,000kg and that are within the 5km town boundary.

Commerce Commission Chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy said after consultation with the municipal councils, they have sure to increase the charges to $51.14.

Reddy said $10 from this amount will go towards the public councils for their capital developments. The current towing charge is around $80.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Second Time Sale for Marcon Broker Tugboat

The Stevens Towing of Charleston, South Carolina has sold their U.S.A flag; twin screw tugs Island Fox to private foreign buyers. Marcon International, Inc. adds that they acted as broker for the sellers, to whom Marcon sold the vessel in 2006 from the West Coast.

The 85’ x 30’ x 11’ depth tug was built in 1981 at Dakota Creek Shipyard in Anacortes, Washington as the Arctic Fox for Bering Marine of Seattle. It was first designed and built as a flexible boat for working both in the rough, cold coastal waters and the shallow rivers of Alaska. Island Fox is ice strengthen and shallow draft, having a tunneled stern with propellers in fixed kort nozzles set up into the stern to allow for a ready draft of abt. 6.0’ light for river work.

The tug is also able to be ballasted down to an approx. loaded draft of about 8.5 - 9.0’ for coastal towing service. Propulsion is provide by a pair of CAT D398 diesels, producing a total of 1,700BHP 1,225RPM and Reintjes WAV 1050 gears with 3.95:1 lessening and capacities include 32,330g fuel, 446g lube oil and 1,650g fresh water.

Towing gear consists of a single drum Markey TYS-24 winch with 25,000lbs of line pull and capacity for 1,350’ of 1 ¾” wire, plus hydraulic tow pins and stern roller. Island Fox is also fitted with 2 electric barge winches mounted just aft of the house, with fairleads leading forward, and a push knee on the bow for making up to the stern of barges while in the pushing mode. Crew accommodation is provided in 3 single and two double berth staterooms.

The 32 year-old tugs in good quality condition, having just come off contract. She also has a valid ABS load line good through August 2016. “Island Fox” is being delivered on her own bottom by the Buyer to her new home in the Caribbean. Buyers request their name be kept confidential for commercial reasons.

Marcon say that they have sold or chartered a total of 367 tugs and AHTSs toting up over 1,260,000BHP since 1981.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Towing service ordinance passed by Montgomery City Council

The Montgomery City Council voted to pass a new ordinance that will have consequences for some drivers.

City leaders voted 8-1 to approve a new measure that will result in a person car being towed if they are involved in an accident and do not have a driver's license or auto insurance. The council has tabled the issue several times in the past 2 years because members could not come to an agreement on how the law should be written. That is, until Tuesday.

A committee meeting decided Tuesday that the version before it would be the final version to go before the city council, and when it was brought to the floor it passed by an 8-1 margin. Only Councilman Arch Lee voted against it.

The ordinance says that anyone involved in an accident that doesn't have a driver's The driver will then be forced to pay the ticket fees and the towing fee, a cost that could exceed more than $600.

There is a delay in relation to the auto insurance portion but the state of Alabama does not have adequate technology to verify a driver's auto insurance. Once the state works out the issues with that system, the city of Montgomery will start towing cars belonging to drivers without insurance.

There is no delay for the driver license portion of the ordinance and it will be put into effect 10 days after Mayor Todd Strange signs the ordinance. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Municipality new towing rules hooked

The District of West Kelowna is changing the way it works with towing companies. Previously, the municipality used a 'Rotational Towing and Storage List Policy.

In essence, when the district required vehicles towed it allowed towing companies to conduct the service on a turning basis.

That policy was rescinding Tuesday.

Now, West Kelowna will go with a single towing company on a contract basis. The contract will be for 3 years with an option for 2 additional years based on performance.

The tender will be awarded to the highest bidder which meets the strict criteria set out by the municipality. Up until now, the District of West Kelowna has not been compensated by towing companies registered on the rotation.

At the current time there are two companies on the towing rotation, Mario's Towing and Del Oro Towing. Towing services up for bid are for the removal of abandoned, broken down or inoperable motor vehicles due to accidents or breakdowns.